Ford Model T Coupe

                                                                  Have you seen this car ?


                           In 1960 my father, Melvin Elmore of Madison Heights, Michigan purchased a 1920 Ford Model T Coupe from a co-worker at the General Motors, Conner Street Stamping Plant where he worked his entire life as a tool & die maker.  This automobile spent most of its life while we owned it parked in our garage in Madison Heights, Michigan.  In 1979 we moved to a new home in Troy, Michigan and it was decided that we needed more garage space in the new house and the Model T was put into storage in the barn of my aunt & uncle, Jim & Ruth Batts of Cass City, Michigan. Then around 1980 or 1981 a gentleman from Vassar, Michigan bought the car according to my aunt and this was the last anyone in my family has seen or heard of it.  Unfortunately my father passed away in 2002 and my remaining family members no longer remember the details of this automobile.  I have some pictures I will post here of the car as it did appear around 1979.  My interest in finding this particular automobile is that my father confessed two days before his death from cancer a regret ever selling this car and not keeping it in the family and I resolved myself to locate it if at all possible.   Here are some personal details as I recall them: The car was a 1920 Ford Model T Coupe metallic blue in color, the underside was painted white with black pin striping on various areas like rear axle. At the time we sold it the front and rear fenders and engine hood cowl were not installed on the car.  The interior was of a gray fabric probably original from the factory. Also this vehicle had an electric starter and generator. At the time color of this car really made it stand out.  If you have seen this car or know of its whereabouts today I would sincerely like to hear from you. I have included my contact information below and please feel free to call me day or night.

Thank You

Tom Elmore
Anchorage, Alaska